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November 23, 1935 program featuring the NY Americans visiting the Montreal Canadiens. 42 pages plus the cover. Text is mainly french. Rare ads for Crown Starch player photos and Palmolive with Charlie Conacher. Clean Lineup page is there but detached.

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Very rare goalie card. Abbie Cox played in the NHL with the Montreal Maroons 1 gm 1929-30, Detroit Red Wings 2 gms 1933-34, NY Americans 1 gm 1933-34, Montreal Canadiens 1 gm 1935-36. Pictured in this card with the NY Rangers from 1926 training camp.

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Star player with the WCHL Edmonton Eskimos and Regina Capitals. Went on to play in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens 1926-29, Boston Bruins 1929-30, Ottawa Senators 1930-31 and Detroit Falcons 1931-32.

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Played 11 seasons with the NHL Montreal Canadiens from 1911 to 1923. Member of 1916 Stanley Cup winning team.

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Phil Stevens. First player to wear face protection Feb. 28,1927. Played with NHA Montreal Wanderers 1914-18, Military Service 1918-19 and with the NHL Montreal Canadiens 1921-22 and Boston Bruins 1925-26.

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Played for the NHL Chicago Blackhawks in their first two seasons 1926-28 and one game with the Montreal Canadiens in 1932-33.

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NHL Scoring Leader while with Montreal Canadiens 1917-19. Stanley Cup winner with Quebec Bulldogs 1912 and 1913. Won Stanley Cup with Montreal 1924. Was considered best hockey and Lacrosse player at the same time.

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Played with Stanley Cup Champion 1902,1903,1909 and 1910. Playing coach with Montreal Canadiens 1913-14 and 1914-15.

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Played for Toronto Blueshirts Stanley Cup Champions 1914, Toronto St. Pats, Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks

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Very nice Near Mint card of the Rocket. His last card from his last year with the Canadiens.

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Game Worn Jersey and Also Worn By Actor, Keir Dullea In The 1973 Film Paperback Hero

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