Portrait image showcasing Goaltender Dolly Dolson in his trademark cap while wearing his NHL Detroit Cougars jersey. November 13, 1928 stamped on back. Likely cropped for wire photo purpases.

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December 29, 1929 original program from the Olympia in Detroit featuring the NHL Montreal Maroons visting the Detroit Cougars. 36 pages plus cover. Great images of the players. A scored Line Up page is included. Details of game also written on the cover.

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Very rare goalie card. Abbie Cox played in the NHL with the Montreal Maroons 1 gm 1929-30, Detroit Red Wings 2 gms 1933-34, NY Americans 1 gm 1933-34, Montreal Canadiens 1 gm 1935-36. Pictured in this card with the NY Rangers from 1926 training camp.

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Star player with the WCHL Edmonton Eskimos and Regina Capitals. Went on to play in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens 1926-29, Boston Bruins 1929-30, Ottawa Senators 1930-31 and Detroit Falcons 1931-32.

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This is the only card ever produced for this Hall of Fame player. He played for the NHA Toronto Blueshirts 1915-17 and NHL Boston Bruins 1926-27, Detroit Cougars 1926-28 and Chicago Blackhawks 1927-28. Nice high end Rookie card from the tough Paulins set.

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Played with NHL Detroit Red Wings in 1932-33.

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Presents well for Grade.

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This Gordie Howe Rookie card features strong centering with no creases and only moderate corner wear. Strong PSA 4 VGEX.

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Game Worn White Dureen Home Goaltender Jersey

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