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All original 10 page program in excellent condition

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Excellent condition program featuring Howie Morenz in his first season with the NHL Chicago Black Hawks after the blockbuster trade with the Montreal Canadiens.

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This "first year Garden" program features the Boston Bruins vs Detroit Cougars, December 18, 1928. Lineup page is still inserted.

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November 23, 1935 program featuring the NY Americans visiting the Montreal Canadiens. 42 pages plus the cover. Text is mainly french. Rare ads for Crown Starch player photos and Palmolive with Charlie Conacher. Clean Lineup page is there but detached.

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December 29, 1929 original program from the Olympia in Detroit featuring the NHL Montreal Maroons visting the Detroit Cougars. 36 pages plus cover. Great images of the players. A scored Line Up page is included. Details of game also written on the cover.

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Thursday, March 20th, 1952 Empire Pool Wembley England

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February 12, 1935 vs New York Rangers

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December 1st, 1928 vs New York Rangers

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January 19, 1935 vs St. Louis Eagles NHL