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These letters addressed to Eskimo Goaltenders, Hal Winkler and Herb Stuart were unsigned and very likely only drafts. Both drafts reveal proposals being put forth for the services of both goaltenders.

A simple letter yet revealing so much. This letter addressed to Tommy Gorman of the NHL Ottawa Senators September 19, 1923 reveals that William Tobin was still creating a stir with Tommy Gorman and the NHL following the previous year's issue with Cleghorn

These telegrams and affidavit tell an incredible story of Edmonton Eskimos goaltender William Tobin (future president of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks) and his involvement with Sprague Cleghorn of the NHL Ottawa Senators and impending legal proceedings.

Nice collection of telegrams regarding a variety of subjects pertaining to the Edmonton Eskimos Hockey Club including a very early telegram from 1914 which makes reference to the Patton Cup. Which is the first time I have seen reference to this so early.

Incredible dialogue between Ottawa Senators
GM Tommy Gorman and Edmonton Eskimos GM Ken MacKenzie. Featuring discussions on sale of Hall of Famer Bullet Joe Simpson and negotiations on other players.

Nice collection of original Telegrams from WCHL President E.L. Richardson to Ken MacKenzie of the Edmonton Eskimos discussing issues pertinent to WCHL league matters. Fascinating information that has likely never been documented until now.

Gus Gleichmann was playing coach of the Edmonton Eskimos Baseball team. This letter was written to Bob Meusel of the NY Yankees in June 1922 introducing Ken MacKenzie and Duke Keats to Bob and requesting he introduce them to Babe Ruth. Amazing letter.

Incredible letters with team photos of the St. Pats in the letterhead. Remarkable references to Hall of Fame players, potential player transactions and exhibition games.

Very Unique score card from an exhibition game played on April 9, 1929 between the NHL Montreal Canadiens and the PCHL Vancouver Lions. Howie Morenz is in the lineup for Montreal. A rare appearance by goaltender Clint Benedict for the Canadiens.

Beautiful All original photo of Edmonton Eskimo Coach and GM, Ken Mackenzie. The Ken MacKenzie Collection was uncovered years ago in a storage bin in Ontario, Canada. Thank goodness these items were discovered.

Amazing gate fold 5 X 7 1/2" photo of Hall of Fame member Duke Keats of the Edmonton Eskimos Hockey Club circa 1921. From the Ken MacKenzie estate this stunning cabinet photo has the original green and white ribbon attached, symbolic of the team colors.

Stunning portrait style photo 4 X 6 " inside a 5 X 7 1/2 Gate Fold cabinet. The photo is all original from the period. Shows the jersey and crest of the Eskmios Hockey Club in beautiful detail. One of the nicest hockey photos from this era I have seen.

Stunning sepia toned image of Ty Arbour of the WCHL Edmonton Eskimos. Situated in an original Gate Fold Cabinet. Most likely taken in the early part of his career with the Eskimos circa 1920-22

This gorgeous original photo has a sepia tone to the player image on a cream toned background. It rests in a beautiful fold out cabinet cover that can stand on its own. The photo is 7 1/4 X 10". Likely taken in 1921 during his first season in Edmonton

The WCHL Championship was a 2 game total goals playoff between the Capitals and Eskimos. The first game was held in Regina on March 14 with Edmonton winning 1-0. The second game, (this program game) was a 3-3 tie in Edmonton. Giving the Eskimos the title.

This program features the last game of the 1922-23 Regular Season. Calgary was a year removed from going to the Stanley Cup Final while the Eskimos would go to the Final after winning this years WCHL/PCHA Playoff. Great caption on GM/Coach, Ken MacKenzie

Rivals in the WCHL, the Regina Capitals and Edmonton Eskimos faceoff for their last Regular Season contest in a tune up to their WCHL Playoff Championship game held on March 16, 1923. Nice Photos of the players in this program incl. HHOF Duke Keats

The Saskatoon Crescents and Legendary Hall of Fame members Newsy Lalonde and Bill Cook visit Edmonton. Bill Cook would go on to lead the NHL in scoring in his first NHL Season of 1926-27. One of the most underated Hall of Fame players of all time.

This game features Hall of Fame players, Duke Keats, Bullet Joe Simpson, Herb Gardiner, Harry Oliver and Rusty Crawford. The Eskimos would go on to play Ottawa for the Stanley Cup this season. This is the first program issued this season with player pics.

The visiting Victoria Cougars were only one season away from capturing the Stanley Cup. The last time a non NHL team would win the Grail. This team was part of the PCHA run by Frank Patrick which played an interlocking schedule with the WCHL.

An incredible collection of future Hall of Famers, Duke Keats, Bullet Joe Simpson, George Hay, Dick Irvin and Barney Stanley along with many future NHL Stars including (G) Hal Winkler, Ty Arbour, H. Bostrom, Bob Trapp, Art Gagne, J. Sheppard & C. McVeigh

This is part of a collection of every home game program for the 1922-23 Edmonton Eskimos hockey team. Very likely the only complete season collection in existence. This game features an early version of the Battle of Alberta.

This program is from the collection of Ken McKenzie, GM of the Edmonton Eskimos. This is part of a complete archive of home programs from the 1922-23 WCHL/PCHA interlocking season. This game features the visiting Regina Capitals.

Very Rare Appearance by the PCHA Seattle Metropolitans on Edmonton ice. Seattle was led by Hall of Famers and Stanley Cup Champions from 1917, Frank Foyston, Jack Walker, Hap Holmes (goalie).

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