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Hall of Famer and Legend, Newsy Lalonde was playing Coach and GM of the Saskatoon Crescents for this 1922-23 season. He was joined by Hall of Famers, Bill Cook and Rusty Crawford. Edmonton was led by Duke Keats and Bullet Joe Simpson

Part of a complete run of Edmonton Eskimos programs from the interlocking WCHL/PCHA 1922-23 season. PCHA Vancouver Maroons: Hall of Fame players - Mickey MacKay, Frank Boucher, Hugh Lehman (goalie).WCHL Edmonton Eskimos: Duke Keats, Bullet Joe Simpson

December 29th Program for the Regina Capitals vs Edmonton Eskimos features the following Hall of Famers: Regina Capitals - George Hay, Barney Stanley, Dick Irvin. Edmonton Eskimos: Bullet Joe Simpson, Gordon Duke Keats

Christmas Day Dec 25, 1922 program for the second encounter of the season between these two clubs in Edmonton. Hall of Fame players Newsy Lalonde, Bill Cook, Bullet Joe Simpson and Duke Keats.

Second Regular Season 1922-23 WCHL home game program featuring the following Hall of Fame players: Calgary - Harry Oliver, Herb Gardiner, Mervyn Red Dutton Edmonton - Bullet Joe Simpson, Gordon Duke Keats. Referee - Mickey Ion.

The first regular season home game program of the season for the WCHL Edmonton Eskimos, featuring the following Hall of Fame players: Saskatoon - Newsy Lalonde, Bill Cook. Edmonton: Bullet Joe Simpson, Duke Keats

This is the first game ever played between these two clubs. Toronto St. Pats were the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. This program is the first of a complete run of programs for the 1922-23 season, in which the Eskimos would go to the Stanley Cup Final.

The Pacific Coast Hockey Association headed by Hall of Fame Builder, Frank Patrick hosted the WCHL to meetings in August 1922 resulting in this Historic Memorandum of Agreement between the two leagues

Original document featuring salaries for the 13 players who played for the Edm Eskimos in the 1923-24 season. H.Winkler, J.Simpson, J.Morrison, J.Sheppard, R Brandow, R.Trapp, J.McCormick, G.Keats, A.Sibbetts, Wm.Binney, E.Arbor, E.Campbell, E.Sparrow

This original document highlights all the aspects of agreement between the NHL and WCHL in 8 pages! Territorial Rights, Stanley Cup Playoffs (referred to as World Championship Series), Rules and Teams involved.

Very interesting CCM hockey equipment catalogue featuring a listing for Kenesky patented Goalie pads. This is likely one of the earliest recorded references to the famous Goalie Pad made by Emil "Pops" Kenesky

Amazing handwritten Edmonton Eskimos Hockey Club expense sheet, dated April 22, 1925 signed R. Stanley. (Hall of Fame member Russell "Barney" Stanley).

Original draft of the WCHL 1924-25 Schedule/Rules plus the finished pocket schedule and the letter regarding the proof from President E.L. Richardson.

This original blueprint of the Edmonton Arena was located in the 1922-23 Edmonton Eskimos programs, highlighting the Fire Exits for the patrons. Discovered in the collection of 1922-23 Edmonton Eskimo Programs belonging to GM Ken MacKenzie

December 12, 1923 Edmonton Eskimos check for $3500. Payment to Joe McCormick for player contract 1923-24 season. Signed by Duke Keats and Ken MacKenzie. Also displayed is the teams 1924 Income Tax T4 form showing salaries incl. $3500 for Joe McCormick

Remarkable 21 X 14 " Hanging schedules with the complete season and playoff scores written in during the period. Very likely from the office of WCHL President E.L. Richardson

Very rare original 1923-24 pocket schedules of Inter League play for the WCHL and PCHA.

Incredible documentation on the establishment of Rules and Regulations pertaining to the professional Western Canada Hockey League

All original document outlining the foundation for the Adoption of the 1922 Memorandum of Agreement between the Western Canada Hockey League and the Pacific Coast Hockey Association.

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